2014 Annual United Way Workplace Campaign Up & Running

Together, United Way of Greater Union County (UWGUC) and its many partners are building a stronger, healthier community. Our Annual Campaign has started with many professionals, businesses and volunteers gearing up to meet these very challenging times.  Globally we face many serious issues, but locally, right in our own neighborhoods, families are struggling to meet their most basic of needs. For too many children and families in Union County, North and South Plainfield, joblessness, lack of quality affordable housing and the lack of access to health care have made day-to-day living a struggle. 

Together, we can change the odds so that all children and their families, regardless of their circumstances, have the same chance to succeed in school and in life.   Our goal is to raise $3.2 million. 

Together, as an example, UWGUC and UPS enjoyed a campaign kick-off cookout to spread the word among its employees that its time to make a pledge through their easy-to-use payroll deduction form. On Friday, August 15th at the Newark Airport hub, raffles were held for UPS novelty items such as toy trucks and planes, and the proceeds went toward UWGUC.  UPS conducted this raffle again to encourage and remind its employees to give. Gratefully, UPS has reached 40% of their goal in the first week.


Together, your donation to United Way helped to improve someone’s life. Because of a successful campaign season last year:

• 1,500 children attended quality childcare and afterschool programs helping them to prepare for, and succeed in school.

• Over 5,000 families received support through energy assistance, rental assistance, financial support assistance, legal counseling, foreclosure counseling assistance and more.

• Over 55 individuals received their GED’s.

• More than 100 disadvantaged individuals (low-income or vulnerable) became employed.

• More than 5,000 children and adults received discounted prescription drugs benefits.

• More than 100 first-time mothers received access to prenatal care and child well-being training. 

Together, United Way of Greater Union County and its staff, Board and volunteers say THANK YOU!