Computer Essentials Course Offered at Plainfield Board of Ed

Parents learn PC basics and Internet use to keep their children safe

The setting was an instructive classroom environment at Plainfield High School’s computer lab and presented by an instructor from Union County College, where Plainfield residents were offered -free of charge- the opportunity to learn crucial information about the Internet and other computer essentials - thanks to funding from Comcast, and its partnership with United Way of Greater Union County (UWGUC) and the college.  

Championed by Plainfield Superintendent, Anna Belin-Pyles, along with UWGUC CEO, James W, Horne, Jr., this important workshop series was offered to parents who expressed the need to learn basic PC operations.  In addition, a number of parents took advantage of the “Keeping Children Safe on the Internet” component. UWGUG recognizes that safety comes first and that all children matter. Clearly, this made the workshop very timely in the age of the Internet. With the information highway being yet another targeted area to engage children, who are our most valuable asset and most vulnerable segment of the population, the importance of this workshop proved to be priceless.

This was just one of a number of programs UWGUC is dedicated to developing that build confidence, as a way of supporting the growth of the families we serve. In the latter half of March, Plainfield residents were given an opportunity to attend these instruction-based classes that provided lessons in: Intro to Computers, Intro to the Internet, Essential Email Skills, and Basic Microsoft Word Skills.  These topics not only aid in increasing the ease of personal use, but also boost confidence in basic computer knowledge about the Internet that is essential for most careers and job positions.

 “We often hear parents say they wish they knew what their children were doing while surfing the Internet. This was their chance to learn the basics about computers and social media.  Confidence in knowing how to monitor their child’s activities is a real win for busy parents trying to keep their children safe,” adds James W. Horne, President/CEO, UWGUC.

Certainly, this was a win-win situation for everyone, Plainfield residents, parents and children. This new addition to UWGUC’s family strengthening toolbox is as practical as it was useful.