Fighting Hunger in Union County

Merck & Co. Volunteer at Community Food Bank of NJ, a United Way
of Greater Union County Partner
Employees at Merck & Company are determined to increase volunteer participation this summer in anticipation of launching a successful workplace fundraising campaign to benefit United Way of Greater Union County.  Pictured here are several Merck employees volunteering at the Community Food Bank of NJ warehouse, helping package water and food for local food pantries. They hope to spread the word about United Way and its partners.
There are Community Food Banks spread throughout New Jersey and for good reason, when you consider that 1.2 million people in New Jersey are food insecure, according to the Community Foodbank website. That’s an alarming statistic but even more alarming is that 45 percent of these people do not qualify for any government assistance.

This is all the more reason why employees at Merck & Company are ramping up their volunteer participation to help United Way of Greater Union County, that has been actively serving families in need for close to 100 years.  Civically inclined, the volunteers lent a helping hand at the Community Food Bank to package water and food that will be delivered to local food pantries. 

United Way of Greater Union County remains at the forefront of these projects and is grateful for the ensuing Merck & Company workplace fundraising campaign due to launch soon.  These are the kinds of partnerships that UWGUC has been successful in establishing that make a big difference in communities.  However, with a clear understanding that we’re all connected, UWGUC remains steadfast in making connections that add value to the lives of others.