“Clothing to Confidence” Update

Organizers for the Clothing to Confidence initiative held their final workshop on Friday, April 10th at PROCEED Multicultural Family Success Center.  Four volunteers from Freeport, McMoran, Copper & Gold enjoyed their part in helping women and men learn how to prepare for a career and land a new job.  The volunteers assisted participants in completing forms to prepare for job searches, understand the job recruitment process, and learn how to set up e-mail and develop a winning resume.

In March and April, several organizations and local businesses partnered with UWGUC to make this program successful. We thank The Connection for Women & Families in Summit, NJ, Proceed Multicultural Family Success Center in Elizabeth, NJ, and the Plainfield Family Success Center in Plainfield, NJ. These agencies all sponsored a clothing drive, specifically collecting clothes for the workplace, and hosted the career-building workshops.  Volunteers from local businesses, big and small, facilitated workshops that were designed to create a foundation for adults seeking a new career.  Although the workshops were initially geared toward women, several men attended the workshops and both men and women were able to receive clothes after completing the workshops.

UWGUC’s goal was to further its family strengthening efforts to provide economic stability for families.