United Way Executives On The Move

Chief Executive Officer appointed to the Union County Workforce Investment Board and Union County Human Services Advisory Council
James Horne will lead United Way’s efforts to promote community conversations, work with WIB on job-related issues within Communities of Concern
In late March 2014, James W. Horne, Jr., President/CEO of United Way of Greater Union County (UWGUC) was appointed to the Union County Workforce Investment Board (WIB).  His appointment to the WIB will help UWGUC promote its Collective Impact agenda to engage in organizing resources within communities of concern.  The WIB is Union County’s local partnership of private and public sector participants who provide coordinated planning, policy guidance and oversight for all workforce readiness programs in Union County.  In addition, they provide funding for programs and services related to job training, job creation and employment expansion.
Horne has also been appointed for a two-year term on the Union County Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC).  Each HSAC in the state reviews its own county-level human service activities and serve as the primary vehicle for making local recommendations to assist both the county government and the New Jersey Department’s of Human Services and Children & Families decision making; identify the high priority human service needs for the community at-large; the coordination and improvement of services to target populations; the planning, coordination and implementation of NJDHS/NJDCF initiatives at the county level; and input to the NJDHS/NJDCF on funding priorities and allocations. 
In its recent Community Needs Assessment, UWGUC identified high rates of unemployment and stagnant income, coupled with the high cost of living as a burden to families, especially, the most vulnerable and at-risk. In addition, the lack of access to affordable quality care and education for children and youth, leading to educational disparities and disparities in access to health services due to either the high cost of care, lack of insurance, or lack of available services negatively, impact the overall well-being of families in need.  The results of the Assessment are being utilized by Horne to continue building a consensus for a community-wide agenda, defining the broad goals leading to the success of families and young children.   
Horne’s participation in the Union County WIB and HSAC are critical steps in assisting with solving some of the county’s most pressing concerns.
Chief Operating Officer Participates in Collective Impact Planning with North Jersey Health Collaborative 
United Way of Greater Union County Promotes Collective Impact Modeling as a Means to Make Positives Changes within Communities of Concern
UWGUC’s COO, Debbie-Ann Anderson, is representing the organization as part of its efforts to engage in collective impact modeling – a system by which conversations among key stakeholders work together to promote and achieve positive changes on issues within communities of concern.  In this instance, health and social services will be addressed through the NJ Health Collaborative Collective Impact Challenge. The challenge will include building a website to serve as a repository of relevant local data, resources and stories and to use the site to identify one opportunity for strategic alignment of our community health system in the coming year. 
The Challenge began in Morris and Union counties and will soon follow in other counties as its membership grows. These gatherings are intended for all organizations in those counties with an interest in creating healthier communities, including members and non-member organizations.