"Walking the Talk"

Hillside Township and United Way of Greater Union County Working Together to

Improve the Lives of Hillside Residents

HILLSIDE, NJ- The Township of Hillside in partnership with United Way of Greater Union County (UWGUC) is “walking the talk” in a progressive strategy to improve the quality of life for Hillside residents. Mayor Angela Garretson and UWGUC President/CEO, James W. Horne, Jr. will conduct a series of door-to-door discussions with residents, on July 9th from 5:00 to 8:00 PM, to ask questions and have discussions regarding their most pressing needs.
“Working together, we’ve determined that there is no problem too complex that a community of compassionate people cannot solve.  However, we know there are limited resources for programs and services. Our community walks will help us pinpoint the most significant needs of families and help us design programs to meet those needs,” explains Horne.
That is the goal of the “Walk and Talk” agenda with Horne, Mayor Garretson and a diverse group of community stakeholders. The group’s aim is to collect and analyze resident’s responses in an effort to create viable solutions for Hillside families faced with a variety of challenges.
UWGUC will guide the effort by listing key elements and data points that should be properly collected.  The township officials will provide critical information by identifying neighborhoods and families to be surveyed.  By working together with Hillside as a strategic partner, and involving those who will be most effected by any initiatives to be created, the end result will help families overcome obstacles and thrive. Together, they will identify the communities’ unique challenges and develop corrective and concrete solutions.
The concerned coalition of community leaders, looks forward to the meet and greet with Hillside residents.
Hillside residents can complete the online version of the needs assessment by clicking HERE , or by going to www.uwguc.org/hillside_assessment.
For more information, please call Charlene Bathelus at 908-353-7171, Ext 137.