December 20, 2013, Summit, New Providence and Berkeley Heights, New Jersey ~ United Way of Greater Union County (UWGUC) has launched its 2013-14 Fund Drive.  The Fund Drive will include many opportunities for donors and volunteers to support UWGUC and includes a major direct mail appeal to nearly all the households in Summit, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights townships. 
The appeal will highlight three case studies and success stories, which are designed to inform the community of issues they face in their immediate neighborhoods and strategies UWGUC deploys to address those issues.  It is the hope of UWGUC board members and board fundraising chairs, to attract more people to get involved as volunteers and/or donors.   Board members not only volunteer their time and expertise, but also donate to the UWGUC cause of strengthening families and communities.
“We know, through our own research as highlighted in our recent Community Needs Assessment, that there are an alarming number of families struggling to make ends meet,” explained James W. Horne, Jr., President/CEO, UWGUC.   “United Way and its partners - a network of community-based organizations who serve families - understands the issues and knows how to engage in preventative and problem solving solutions.”
UWGUC supports fourteen (14) health and human service programs within the UWGUC network, designed to solve core issues facing families and children in Summit, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights. 
“In our direct mail appeal we highlight three success stories that are typical of the results we consistently achieve,” commented Joe Steiner, a member of United Way of Greater Union County's Board and also the Fund Drive Chair.  Steiner, who resides in Summit, NJ, continues, “these results require the support of many members of the community and we need help to make these strategies work.”  
To donate, please visit www.uwguc.org/give or mail contributions to United Way of Greater Union County, 33 West Grand Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07202.  For more information call (908) 353-7171.