Rooted In Family

Changing the Odds for Families, Strengthens Heart & Soul of Community

By James W. Horne, Jr.
President/CEO, United Way of Greater Union County

Success breeds and springs from the strength of the family.  If one member of the family is struggling it weakens the entire family dynamic. The embodiment of family, its gravity, is hinged to the group as one unit.   Therefore, to keep the family unit intact, parents and guardians must take inventory and know the needs of each individual member to keep the family mobile, strong and successful. 
However, in these days and times that’s easier said than done.  United Way of Greater Union County is in the business of strengthening families and to do so effectively, assessing the needs of the family is essential to the success of the group.  To keep the family thriving they must have access to opportunities to address their deficiencies such as access to quality education, job-training and placement, or good medical care.

Clearly, this was the mission of UWGUC, when it took its needs assessment campaign to Hillside linking-up with stakeholders of the community that included: Mayor Angela Garretson, along with clergy members, business leaders, educators and UWGUC staff, that uncovered the specific needs of those families residing there.
As a result, the Hillside Family Success Center, which recently opened, was created to serve the specific needs of families in Hillside.   It is vital for families today to have access to a place like the Center, where they’ll find the support for their individual needs – and can thrive.

The Hillside Family Success Center will provide “one-stop” services for families in terms of building confidence among those residents getting back into the workforce, or finding quality child care, or getting someone to help them navigate social service departments and obtain the resources they need.  The FSC will do this using the latest technology available to the center.  The Center will promote education and successful strategies for learning, to decision-making skills to counseling. 
Indeed, people matter and the fact remains that the success of communities starts with the strength of the family.