Saluting Hispanic Heritage:

On The Pulse

Saluting Hispanic Heritage:

Enriching the American Fabric and Way of Life

By James W. Horne Jr. CEO/President, United Way of Greater Union County

Volume 1 ~ Issue 7

In 2013, President Obama presented writer, Julia Alvarez, with the National Medal of the Arts. Although she was born in the United States, three-month old infant Julia migrated with her family back to their native land, the Dominican Republic in 1950. However, ten years later, the Alvarez family had to flee the country due to the oppressive dictatorshiof the Rafael Trujillo. Without being able to speak any English upon her return to the United States, Julia Alvarez’ rise to become one of the most prominent Latina writers of our time, connotes the soaring determination of the Latino spirit. And to the contributions she has made to our great nation.

Clearly a w salut Hispani Heritag Mont (Sept 15-Oct 15 i i t recogniz th significanc o th Latino immigrant story as a culturally enriching one to this nation in every sector of society from media and entertainment, such as the very funny Sofia Vergara, of the TV show Modern Family, to politics as Sonia Sotomayor, was the first Latina appointed to the United States Supreme Court by President Obama.

Generationally there’ n denyin tha th Latin communit ha mad it mark wit 3.2 millio Latino-owned businesses accounted for in this country, according to Geoscape Closer to home, in Union County, New Jersey, nearly 15 percent of the Latino population owned businesses, according to the 2007 Census, while Latino women represented at

25.9 percent as business owners.

However, as the Latino population continues to grow, with New Jersey being one of 16 states with a Latino population of at least a half-million people, so does the problem of poverty in the Latino community In New Jersey, 2 million children live in poverty and 29 percent of them are Latino.

As advocates for children and families, it is important to address the concerns of our community and look at poverty with an eye for creating opportunities - inclusively. We must be determined that as a community we can be inclusive in our approach to helping those who may speak another language or have cultural differences than our own But the question is, how?

The simplest way is to gather everyon and talk. Present the data to communit stakeholder who have the means to provide resources to address issues related to poverty, and also by including those who live the problem. With an open and honest forum, communities do amazing things to solve problems for their residents.

Most people don’t want hand outs, but would rather have fair opportunities to the basics to a good quality of life, such as good health care, quality education for children and young adults, stable jobs that lead to family-sustainin wages, and access to affordable housing These are things that allow families to care for their children with dignity.

Certainly th vibran cultur o Hispani Heritag remind u o it uniquenes throug th universa stor of determination, resiliency and of talent that will not be denied that’s woven into the American fabric and way of life In our salute to Hispanic Heritage and all its colors, let’s continue in our work together - one community with another - to ensure all people get to enjoy the best that life has to offer.