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You can make change happen by getting informed, educating your friends and showing your passion about local issues.

Community Councils
Join a Community Council! Become a member of one of United Way’s grass-roots outreach and volunteer committees. The eyes, ears and voice of the United Way within your local city or town, Community Councils are comprised of local residents, members of the business community, senior citizens, educators and public service workers.

Cranford Community Council
The Cranford Community Council in comprised of residents, non-profit representatives, business and government leaders all interested in making a difference in their community and Union County. The Council meets on a monthly basis, to support United Way's annual campaign, helps to organizes volunteers for community projects, host annual friendraisers such as the Taste of Cranford and works with local non-profits to create opportunities for those in need. For more information and to get involved please call 908 353-7171.

Healthy Plainfield Coalition 
UWGUC, in partnership with Mayor Adrian O. Mapp from Plainfield, NJ and over 30 coalition members, will develop and implement strategies to improve overall community health.  Healthy Plainfield is part of Mayor Mapp’s One Plainfield, One Future initiative. The Healthy Plainfield Coalition will focus on creating safer neighborhoods, promoting healthy living, improving access to fresh foods and vegetables and implementing other strategies to support community residents to live healthier lives. For more information call 908-353-7171.