Creating Financial Stability

Financial Assistance to help families overcome emergencies and provides them with funding to pay for today’s necessities such as food and shelter.

UWGUC provides direct funding to families in order for them to meet basic needs.

  • Financial assistance to families for meals, shelter and rent/mortgage assistance. Aid is awarded through an application process.
  • Our Financial Literacy Program includes workshops and advisory sessions where we provide families with financial education to establish healthier financial habits. The curriculum is provided by a financial coach who helps families develop a sound budget, paving a more secure path with proper financial management.
  • Upon completion of the Financial Literacy Program, check-ins are conducted with families to make sure that they are still using proper budget tools and following their financial plan. 
  • Help for people to build the job skills and knowledge necessary for them to attain financial independence and stability.   


Families served in 2020:

  • 3,500 families received Emergency Food
  • 7,600 families received emergency shelter overnights
  • Meals Served to 51,000 families
  • 750 households received Rental Assistance
  • Utility Assistance was provided to 450 households
  • 95 families were awarded Child Care Assistance
  • Other Financial Assistance was given to 36 families

It is estimated that, in Union County, two adults with a preschool child need to make over $55,000 to be considered self-sufficient. If they have two preschool children, they need to make over $69,000.

Source: Legal Services of New Jersey, The Real Cost of Living in 2008,