About United Way of Greater Union County


Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities...

“Family Strengthening” ensures that everyone in Greater Union County has the necessary opportunities, relationships and networks to support the success of their family.  We focus on Family Strengthening by advancing Education, Income and Health throughout one’s journey from Birth to Adulthood.

By focusing on Family Strengthening, we are making significant strides in our neighborhoods, helping real people overcome real struggles. Our results have been profound. We have worked hard to help day care centers gain accreditation so parents are able to keep their jobs and their children are better prepared for school. We have taught financial literacy to families that are struggling, helping them gain control of their finances and have been working with local health centers to improve access to needed services for many.

For over 90 years, United Way of Greater Union County has been working to improve the lives of everyone throughout Greater Union County. As we move forward with our Community Needs Assessment, United Way’s strategic focus for the future will be to continue to support the success of our area’s hardworking families and individuals. We know the problems remain complex as do the solutions. But there are solutions, and we can make a difference. Our vision remains bold and our goals remain focused.

I ask you to learn of our vital work and how you can make a difference in your community. Join us as we LIVE UNITED!

James W. Horne Jr.
President & CEO

United Way of Greater Union County