Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you will find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.  


What does UWGUC do?

United Way of Greater Union County (UWGUC) spearheads innovative community initiatives, by working with many different nonprofits, community partners and community leaders to develop programming that better serves the community and the Union County residents. We are a large resource to community organizations who directly assist individuals.

UWGUC researches and identifies the issues affecting each community, Identify its needs, convene with community stakeholders, create strategies, invest in those strategies, measure results.

Communities we serve

Community Resources

Our Mission and Vision

Our Focus


What is a Family Success Center

Family Success Centers are community-based gathering places where any resident can go for family support, information and services. United Way of Greater Union County oversees 4 Family Success Centers in Union County.  For a list, please click here.


I need financial assistance:

If you have trouble, you can call any of your local Family Success Centers for assistance as well. View our Family Success Center page


I Need help with medical issues or other services:

If you are having medical issues, you might want to check with the case manager/social worker at your local medical facility. They are often very helpful in accessing available resources. If you have trouble, you can call your local Family Success Center and they may be able to point you in the right direction. View our Family Success Center page


I Want my business to be involved with United Way:

That's great! And it's a conversation you should have with your Corporate Relations Manager, unless you're specifically interested in United Way Worldwide in Alexandria, Virginia. Our website has valuable information for businesses that are interested in partnering with us.   To start a campaign or should you have other ideas, please contact our office at 908.353.7171.


What are United Way’s overhead and administrative costs?



How do I receive a copy of your financial reports?

You can view our financial and annual reports by clicking here.  


None of these responses address my concern:

Please view our Contact Us page for more information on how to connect with us.