We also partner with local, state and federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency; the Department of Labor, the Union County Department of Human Services, The Department of Children and Families of the State of New Jersey, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development who enlist and count on UWGUC to deliver help to our neighbors in need.


Providing Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance - UWGUC provides direct funding to families in order for them to meet basic needs.

    • Impact (Families served in 2020):
      • Emergency Food – 3,500
      • Rental Assistance – 750
      • Utility Assistance – 450
      • Child Care Assistance – 195
      • Other Financial Assistance – 36
      • Shelter Nights – 7,600
      • Meals Served – 51,000


Strengthening Family Skills

Our four Family Success Centers and 40 nonprofit partners support early education programs, after-school initiatives, emergency food and shelter for families in crisis, homeless intervention services, support services for adults with disabilities, workforce development services and much more.

    • Impact (Families served in 2020):
      • Employment Services – 410
      • Parent Child Bonding Activities – 425
      • Life Skills – 251
      • Advocacy & Linkages – 201
      • Parent Coaching Family Plan Development – 358


Educational Excellence

UWGUC recognizes that education is a cornerstone for success in school, work, and life. High school graduates have higher earning potential, contribute more to their local economies, are more engaged in their communities, and are more likely to raise children who also graduate on time. We provide tutoring services to children and assisting parents with accessing online learning. We also recognize that preparing youth to enter the workforce is an equally important role, and manage programs dedicated to giving youth this instructive experience.

    • Impact (Families served in 2020):
      • Pre-School – 518
      • Vocational Training – 125


Improving Health Conditions

Good health improves a child’s opportunity to learn, increases an adult’s productivity at work, and enhances the quality of life for the elderly. UWGUC supports initiatives that help Union County’s most vulnerable residents achieve and maintain good health

    • Impact (Families Served in 2020):
      • Family Health – 92
      • Mental Health – 188
      • Nursing - 80


UWGUC: We Fight For Access, Opportunity And Equitable Resources.