While planning your United Way campaign
remember these three words:
These three things will be your key to a successful campaign.
INFORM your colleagues about United Way.
This toolkit will give you all the information you need to inspire your co-workers to make a contribution that will advance the common good for children, families and seniors living in your community.
ASK everyone to give.
We'll give you the tools to recruit a campaign team, organize group activities like kick-off events and volunteer days, set a goal and make the ask.
THANK people for giving.
Say thanks in ways that make people feel good! When you give to United Way you become part of something that's bigger than just one company or community. You become a part of a movement to inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.

Why Run A Workplace Campaign
Campaign Coordinator's Guide
Fundraising at Work
Spare Change for Community Change
Top 10 Reasons to Support UWGUC
Top 10 Reasons to Support Your Community
Sample Email - Why Give to United Way
Campaign Video
UWGUC Brochure

Sample Letter - All Employees
Sample Letter - New Employees
Sample Letter - Retirees
Sample Letter - Current Leadership Givers
Sample Letter - Prospective Leadership Givers
Sample Voice Mail Messages
UWGUC Pledge Form
New Hire Card
New Retiree Card

Sample Thank You email
Sample Thank You from Senior Leadership
Sample Leadership Thank You from Senior Leadership