New Jersey Youth Corps of Union County


To restore and preserve the dignity of young adults who have been underserved, and enhance their value to society by providing a comprehensive program of academic instruction and community service that form a solid foundation upon which to build a brighter future.


Educational Development

About half of the time Corps members will spend in the program is dedicated to the improvement and development of academic skills. With a mixture of individual, small and large group instruction, members will be encouraged to not only build on their academics but to develop and achieve career-related and service-learning goals to ultimately obtain a high school equivalency diploma.


Community Service Projects

In teams, or “crews” of 6 to 10, Corps members work with a paid crew supervisor who sets and models clear standards of behavior. Community service projects give youth, who have little or no real employment history, an opportunity to develop positive employability skills while addressing unmet community needs. Members will have experience in various settings such as urban park beautification, renovating housing, and assisting in human service agencies. All projects combined with academics work in a service-learning approach.


Employability and Life SkillsYouth Construction

In order to support Youth Corps members throughout their time within the program, personal and career counseling is available. Members will participate in both individual and group sessions to discuss barriers, goals and resources that contribute to individual program outcomes. Personal and career counseling aids in building self-esteem, clarifying values, and developing leadership skills while developing a career portfolio.


Continuing Support Services

Corps members who successfully complete the program receive college referral services, job placement assistance, personal portfolio development, follow-up, and help transitioning to further training or service programs.


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