Damon Richards- CARES Rental Assistance. Partnership with CARES Rental Assistance Keeps Family From Losing Their Home 

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Partnership with CARES Rental Assistance Keeps Family From Losing Their Home 


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 United Way of Greater Union County creates partnerships within Union County to serve our larger community. Outside of the programs we offer, it’s important that we collaborate with other organizations to make sure your getting assistance from experts in housing, financial literacy, education, and career mentorship.  


In November the Union County Freeholder Board announced a rent relief program that had over $1.3M in federal funding to help residents who have fallen behind due to health complications or job loss during the pandemic. Howard and his wife both Union County residents had lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and were only able to qualify for $400 worth of unemployment. The family was hoping to be able to cover their rent which was $1950/month so unemployment was nowhere near what they needed to survive during the pandemic.  


Fortunately through UWGUC’s CARES rental assistance program, we were able to provide Howard and his wife with $5,850 until they got back on their feet. “Thank you so much for your help and your support”, Howard told our staff. .”Thank you so much for your help in the original application and thank you so much for extension application. God bless you for your help and hard work to help me. God bless your family”.  


We can’t put a monetary value on what it means to us our or families that you support our organization as we continue to help Union Counties most vulnerable through the pandemic. Your donation today can change a life.