Daysha's Experience with New Jersey Youth Corps

March 1, 2022

Daysha's Experience with New Jersey Youth Corps

New Jersey Youth Corps of Union County's mission is to restore and preserve the dignity of young adults who have been underserved and enhance their value to society by providing a comprehensive program of academic instruction and community service that form a solid foundation upon which to build a brighter future. 

The first cohort of students has finished their exams with an 80% passing rate! The second cohort of students is well underway as they are eager to learn, support the community, and further develop their life skills.  We were able to hear firsthand from Daysha and her experience with NJYC. 

Daysha, a 19-year-old, Union County resident joined the New Jersey Youth Corps of Union County Program in hopes of attaining her High School Equivalency Diploma. Her goal is to receive her diploma and pursue becoming a real estate agent. Daysha also joined the program to further develop her workforce skills and community service experience.

As Daysha’s exam came closer she felt confident and well prepared. She participated in the four-month program, improved her life skills, and completed over 100 community service hours. Daysha says she loved this program because it taught her “about the real world, how to manage finances, put a resume together, to express herself and be confident.” She loved her experience, fellow classmates, and staff. The program taught her about herself in ways she could not explain- “I was very low and did not have a positive mindset, this program provides people that come in to think higher of themselves and be positive…they had faith in me even when I didn’t, I think that is what helped me the most.”

Daysha went into her exam confident and awaited her results. Daysha passed! She was overwhelmed and excited to start a new chapter of her life with this accomplishment and is forever grateful for the New Jersey Youth Corps of Union County Program!