Eviction Avoided: Family Success Center is a Lifeline for Many


The Hillside Family Success Center (HFSC) would like to highlight the success of the C family. Previously, the C family was assisted by the HFSC towards their past-due rental bill as they faced potential eviction. While planning the Hillside Family Success Center’s Back to school Drive, our Program Coordinator reached out specifically to the family to assist them with book bags filled with school supplies for each of their 5 children. Each book bag was also filled with Family Support & Prevention Program information and upcoming events. The C family found our informational flyer and contacted the HFSC to discuss the need for additional resources and support for their children, who had been experiencing difficulties with school throughout the pandemic.

Our Program Coordinator worked with the family to create a Family Support Plan, identifying local resources to address their children’s educational needs, with tutoring through the Boxwood Learning Center.

Additionally, the C family attended a virtual workshop for the first time this month and learned how to incorporate budget friendly, healthy recipes into their weekly meals.

The C family is a great example of how a family can best optimize the benefits of the HFSC and be assisted through the Family Support & Prevention Program to empower themselves out of a crisis situation and strengthen their family unit.


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