New Mom Receives Support from HFSC

March 30, 2022

New Mom Receives Support from Hillside Family Success Center

Eva was first introduced to the Hillside Family Success Center by a Hillside School District Counselor. The counselor was doing her best to coordinate community resources on Eva's behalf as she was pregnant during her senior year. Moreover, Eva was going through a particularly difficult time as a young mother, given she had only recently immigrated to Union County from Haiti in March of 2021. Additionally, her family was not supportive of her pregnancy and asked Eva to leave the home, causing Eva to become homeless. 

The Hillside School District sought support from the Hillside Family Success Center for baby items and new mom items for Eva. We were able to supply Eva with diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, baby clothes, coats, and feminine hygiene products. Furthermore, we provided Eva with referrals to various agencies across Union County to address her other concerns, such as the County's Department of Social Services to secure stable housing for her and her child. Also, we connected Eva with our partner Family Success Center, The Village Family Success Center, as that Family Success Center has Creole-speaking staff to remedy the language barrier between our office and Eva.

Accordingly, The Hillside Family Success Center was able to provide Eva with effective community support so Eva may focus on graduating her senior year and chase her ambitions of continuing her education as a nurse. We are delighted to see Eva continuing her life as a student and a mom. Moving forward, The Hillside Family Success Center will continue to support Eva through her parental journey. 

*name and image kept confidentialEva Story