On A Path Toward Financial Empowerment

Financial Empowerment

United Way of Greater Union County is fighting to put every person, in our community, on a path toward financial empowerment.

Despite the pandemic, United Way has remained a prominent and visible figure in the community, attending over 120 outreach events throughout the year. These events have reinforced United Way’s presence in Union County, and promoted the Family Support and Prevention Program’s resources, recruit current clients, and successfully implement our services.

In conjunction with our Family Success Centers, we developed Family Engagement Activities, prompting 420 families to participate in Family Support and Prevention services.  With the support of our Flex Funds, we provided 107 families throughout Union County with financial assistance for past-due rent and/or utility bills, effectively preventing these families from homelessness and/or utility shutoff. These funds were also applied towards the purchase of essential goods, such as baby items, hygienic products, and seasonal clothing.

United Way has worked with 30 families to successfully develop a Family Support Plans which outlines the action steps necessary to achieve family goals by increasing protective factors and reducing the risks and stressors that may hinder their success. In doing so, United Way has provided over 130 linkages connecting families with other Union County agencies to further address the families’ needs. Such agencies include child-care providers, health care providers, social services, legal services, and community centers. Out of the 30 Family Support Plans, United Way has successfully met the goals of 24, and is currently working with the remaining 6 families to effectively address their needs. In addition, 90 families have joined United Way’s Parent Empowerment workshops to learn valuable life skills like health and nutrition, socio-emotional skills, financial literacy, and resume building.