Providing A Voice for Those In Need

Struggling MomStruggling Mom Finds A New Home

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of many Americans and Union County is seeing similar repercussions.  The primary struggles for our community have been food insecurity and the inability to pay rent.  Rental assistance remains the number one request throughout the pandemic, with a record 645 rental payments allocated in 2021.  Despite the Governor’s Executive Orders to stay evictions and use security deposits to pay the rent, these are very short-term measures.


Out of desperation, many clients are choosing short term solutions without the benefit of critical, decision-making information.  We also work with families and individuals who have taken no action to prevent pending evictions. Many, because they did not know there were resources available to them. 


In December, we served as advocate for our client MB*, who needed to break the lease with her landlord because of health issues.   She moved into the apartment in good faith but later realized there was a rodent problem.  The infestation posed a threat to her and her young children’s health.  Although the landlord at first refused to break the lease, our collective effort on the client’s behalf allowed to break the lease.  


With the help of United Way, in giving her a “voice” and providing support, she and her children were able to move into an apartment where they could feel healthy and safe.  In addition, we were able to assist her with the security deposit payment.  


It is stories like these that show the work and support we provide to help our communities thrive.


*Name withheld to preserve client's privacy