United Way In His DNA

"I want people to appreciate all the good work United Way does"

Meet Charles Goodfellow, III

Leadership Donor

Ask Charles Goodfellow III how long he has been a supporter of United Way, and the answer that came right back was “forever”. His lifetime commitment to our mission makes him one of our most prolific, long-standing donors and friend. As he put it, “United Way gets into your DNA”.

Supporting the work of United Way in Union County has been a lifelong commitment for Goodfellow. His parents moved to Cranford when he was a child and were active volunteers with United Way. This inspired him to carry on their commitment throughout his life. In addition to donating and volunteering with the Cranford United Way, before its merger with United Way of Greater Union County, Goodfellow was also a regular supporter of the organization during his 44-year career as a senior executive at Bank of New York-Mellon.

Now retired, Goodfellow and his wife Mary, remain actively involved in various charitable causes.  Goodfellow believes that for those that can help, should help, saying, “You should share, United Way shares it where it helps the most.” When asked why UWGUC means so much to him, Goodfellow notes that our county-sized organizational model makes us far more effective in making the most of every dollar donors contribute. 

When we asked, what do you want readers to know about us, Goodfellow said, “I want people to appreciate all the good work United Way does,” Goodfellow adds, citing the many programs and initiatives we lead, in every part of Union County. With his commitment as strong as ever, United Way of Greater Union County is proud to have him as a lifetime friend!


Submitted by Stephen Yellin

Individual Gifts Manager



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