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JANUARY 2017 – ELIZABETH, NJ -- United Way of Greater Union County (UWGUC), a non-profit organization that aims to provide health and human service resources for residents throughout Union County, North and South Plainfield, launches its latest video entitled,  “We Are United Way of Greater Union County”.

Released digitally in January 2017, the video offers viewers a brief, but telling and compelling opportunity to learn about UWGUC, the communities it serves and its collective impact.  “We want viewers to know that as a health and human services organization, we are committed to addressing barriers and finding sustainable lasting solutions so that everyone has an opportunity to achieve their highest potential”, said James Horne, Jr., President and CEO of United Way of Greater Union County.

The three minute video, which features Horne; Alison Yablonowitz, UWGUC Board Chairperson; Juanita Vargas, Vice President at United Way of Greater Union County and community partner, Stacy Grant, emphasizes UWGUC’s presence, why organizations like UWGUC are vital and asks viewers to get involved. 

In Union County, one and every four families live below federally defined poverty levels and cannot meet every day basic needs.  Through funding programs and services in Union County, such as its Family Success Centers, UWGUC helps provide children and families with access to resources that seeks to help lift families out of poverty.  As Vice President Vargas explains during the video, “…by helping one single mother get training and become a certified nurses aide, we’re really talking about the impact that one person has on their children, parents, siblings and families and really being able to bring whole families out of poverty.

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About James W. Horne, Jr.

President and CEO of United Way of Greater Union County (UWGUC) since 2005, James has created an extraordinary track record for developing strong community partnerships, increasing organizational efficiencies, building and retaining board members and financial competence.  He has maintained the delicate balance of dedication to mission, the need for bold entrepreneurial initiatives, and the application of sound business management needed to run a successful nonprofit organization.  For media inquires and press coverage, reporters and news outlets are asked to contact Melanie McLaurin, Director of Marketing & Community Engagement at 908.353.7171, ext. 104 or email her at    

About United Way of Greater Union County

United Way of Greater Union County is now in it’s 96th year of providing critical resources to children and families in need throughout Greater Union County, North Plainfield and South Plainfield.  Today, United Way of Greater Union County is a pre-eminent community based leader, partner and investment choice in these communities.