Women United - Virtual Wine Tasting

This event was hosted by Women United in partnership with a local Union County, NJ business, Rosie's Wine Bar.

They shared someinsights on various wines and cheese pairings. Each attendee received wines and cheeses delivered to their home and had fun as they followed along with the tasting and lessons on wine.

Please enjoy some of the highlights from the night:
“The sommelier was great and so knowledgeable about different wine and cheese pairings. I really enjoyed the event and cannot wait for the next one!”
“The event was so interactive I felt like I was inside Rosie's!”
“I had so much fun and actually learned a few things about wine. Our host was fabulous and engaging, can't wait till the next one.” 
“The event was a fun mix of games and wine, and I also learned that I like rosé!”
Be on the lookout for more amazing events at www.uwguc.org/women-united