Worried About the Health of Her Child, Pregnant Mom Turns to The Nurse-Family Partnership

Innovation Builds Healthier Families, Communities

When Jordan* learned she was pregnant, she was excited and overjoyed! But as a young first-time mom, she was also anxious and afraid. Jordan had limited resources and support.


She worried about the future and the health of her child. Jordan's physician referred her to the Nurse-Family Partnership during her 22nd week of pregnancy. In the weeks leading up to her due date, her nurse home visitor developed a therapeutic relationship of trust and appreciation. During the prenatal nursing assessments, Jordan was diagnosed with pregnancy-induced hypertension, a complication that could threaten her health and the safety of her new baby. Jordan's nurse closely monitored her health during their visits and she safely gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.


Together, Jordan and her nurse focused on life planning and parenting. Jordan decided to enroll in college and seek more family support as she cared for her young daughter. As the pandemic hit and resources were scarce, her nurse home visitor secured practical help including diapers, clothing, and food to ensure that the family could thrive.


Jordan is one example of the Nurse-Family Partnership successes. The Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey implements this innovative United Way of Greater Union County-funded program called the Nurse-Family Partnership.


An 18-month study by the Nurse-Family Partnership noted increased self-sufficiency among these families compared to the general public. Approximately 130 Hudson and Union county families receive support from the Nurse-Family Partnership program each year. This exemplary initiative demonstrates the unique ways the United Way works to build healthier communities.


To connect with the Nurse-Family Partnership, please call 201-876-8900 x 221.


*This mother's name has been changed to protect her privacy.