A Time of Reflection

Seasons Greetings from United Way of Greater Union County!

James W. Horne, Jr.

December 2018

We hope that this time of year brings joy and reflection for all the blessings you've received in 2018. For us, we are grateful for friends, colleagues and donors who continue to inspire and support us in our efforts to make a difference in Union County. We are also grateful for United Way staff who work diligently to assist all those in our community. From those working in programs and operations, to resource and development, to finance and administration. Some, you may have encountered in the community through meetings, events and engagement efforts and, those who work behind the scenes in our office every day helping to ensure our organization runs smoothly.

As in years past, we are committed to helping families build a strong foundation for themselves. Nonprofits in our network are on the ground working to serve those struggling. We focus our efforts on funding programs and services founded on our pillars: income stability, health, education and family strengthening. These pillars guide us to addressing some of the most pressing issues facing Union County such as homelessness; families who find themselves in crisis; early childhood education that not only focus on academic success but also personal development; financial literacy; services for first-time mothers and much more.  With the recent expansion of the Youth Employment Pathways Program (YEPP), where we are helping to give struggling youth from the ages of 14-24 a fighting chance at career success, we are hopeful that we are helping to prepare them for the 21st-century workforce. All of this would not be possible without the resources and supports from government, individual donors and corporate partners who stand with us in supporting a better Union County.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your energy. Thank you for your resources.

As 2019 approaches, we ask that you not only reaffirm your commitment to United Way of Greater Union County but to grow it as your impact remains vital to our community now more than ever. We need you to continue to be the voice for those that don't have a voice. With your support, your help ensures the success of children and families now, in the year ahead and for years to come.