Fall 2020

We understand that the impact of the Coronavirus has changed the way we live, work and interact.  To that end, we have have accelerated our ongoing transformation to continue strengthening our community in ways that are impactful and meaningful to our time. With our modernized comprehensive approach to family strengthening, we are reinforcing support for families facing educational, health and economic barriers that ensures opportunities for everyone to succeed in both the traditional and virtual (online) setting.

Building Resiliency Empowering Parents, Families and Individuals

What We Know

At the start of the Pandemic, nearly 15% of Union County families did not have access to healthcare and 25% were considered living below the federally defined poverty level.

As the crisis grew and mandated closures went into effect, we quickly saw an increase in the number of families struggling to meet basic needs prompting us to quickly increase our capacity to help our community.

The unemployment rate went from 4.5% in January to 16.4% in June 2020 resulting in more than 81,000 unemployed residents, 3100 evictions filed, and 9000 SNAP (food stamp) applications filed in Union County. 

We need your help to ensure our work continues and our communities remain strong, even during unprecedented times. Click the below image to learn more about our response and what we're doing to ensure continued access to programs and services.

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Ways to Give

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  • Are you an organization or local business interested in starting a workplace campaign?  First, talk to your manager about starting one and then we invite you to contact us for ideas on making it successful.   Below, are also some materials you can use to start your campaign for United Way of Greater Union County.

  • Volunteer: Are you an expert in your field and would like to provide your knowledge by providing an engaging and impactful virtual webinar/workshop? We encourage you to click here to connect with us today.

  • Social Impact: Our affliated networks, Women United and the African American Leadership Initiative are some of the ways you can connect with like minded leaders in the community to create change.  

  • Advocate: Contact your local government officials to address issues you believe are pressing or join a Community Council.

Our annual campaign plays a critical role in our organization’s work.  Each year, United Way of Greater Union County serves more than 200,000 people in Union County, North and South Plainfield by providing critical services such as food, shelter, healthcare, education and more.  Our funding also includes four Family Success Centers operating out of Union County, which provides vital wrap-around resources and support to families before they find themselves in crises. 

Your help improves lives.

When you invest in United Way of Greater Union County, donors can rest assured that your tax-deductible gift will go a long way in helping our community become stronger.  100% of funds donated to United Way of Greater Union County stay in our community.  Your money goes toward helping your friends, colleagues, neighbors and families.

However you choose to support United Way, your donation is a gift to the future of our community. We are committed to strengthening children and families in need- those who are facing poverty, joblessness, poor healthcare and helping them to achieve success through job readiness programs, food on the table, sustainable and quality housing and so much more.  Programs that will make a difference this year, next year, and for years to come.