2018-2019 Donor Impact Report

A letter from the Board Chair and President

Dear Donors, Grantors, Volunteers and Newcomers,
A “thousand pairs” represents your care and investment in Union County.  When we think about the county-wide reach of over 560,000 residents of which thousands have benefited from our work, it is your helping hands functioning simultaneously generating positive impact for those most vulnerable. 
Your investment continues to inspire and MOBILIZE
For almost a century, residents, community leaders, public officials and key stakeholders have United with us to strengthen our county.  As partners in our charge to improve lives and build strong communities, you bring hope and energy to the fight for quality education, financial stability, health and family strengthening for every person. It is because of your voice, your energy and your tenacity, that we are able to continue creating and improving programs and services at some of the most complex levels.
From our work in youth employment where we helped in school and out of school youth ages 14-24, gain the tools necessary to thrive in education and sustain financial independence; to helping families navigate through some of the most difficult situations; to conversations we continue to foster as we ensure those we serve have access to healthcare including tackling issues affecting people living with HIV/AIDS.
Together as partners, we are MOBILIZED to empower the people of Greater Union County and beyond, and as you browse through the pages of our 2018-2019 Donor Impact Report, please keep in mind that it is because of you, that those we serve can thrive.
In these ever-changing economic times, your support is a vital source of our success and we need your help as we continue to provide sustainable services for the people in our county now and for generations to come. 
Thank you for supporting United Way of Greater Union County.








Thank you for your generous support

We are grateful for all donors and influential leaders who provide inspiration and motivation for others in caring for our community.  The ripple effect from their generous gifts reaches all across our county changing the odds for children and families.

Alison G. Yablonowitz, Chairperson
Thomas J. Ponosuk, Vice Chairperson 
Donald J. Bucciarelli, Treasurer 
Clarence W. Bauknight III, L.L.C., Secretary
Carlos J. Alma
Anna Belin-Pyles
Camille R. Douglas
Geraldine N. Harvey
Eric B. Levine
Luis Lima
Larry J. Lockhart
Martin P. Melilli
James L. Meyer 
Phyllis L. Mirabella
Kevin Phoenix
Dr. Lester Sandres Rapalo
Roderick Spearman
Patricia Perkins-Auguste (Emeritus)