Annual Report

2016-2017 Annual Report

Thank you for creating possibility

Dear Friends,

This past 2016-2017 fiscal year, United Way of Greater Union County has made a significant impact on the lives of those we serve all across greater Union County, North and South Plainfield, New Jersey.  Through our partnerships with key stakeholders, companies, individual donors, organizations at the local, state and federal level, we are ever closer to building up our community so that everyone has the opportunity to grow and thrive in every aspect of their lives. 

The strides we’ve made founded on our pillars: education, income stability, health and family strengthening are made possible by our developing and existing partnerships, forged by trust, the sharing of knowledge and capacity.

As you read through the pages of this year’s Annual Report, you’ll learn about the collaborations we’ve created, the people who are touched by the work we’re doing and friends who understand, just as you do, our mission to improve lives and build strong communities.  People like Roberto, who struggled when he first arrived from Ecuador, but through the Youth Employment and Training Consortium program, he is now gainfully employed and is a first-year student at Kean University or, people like Charles Goodfellow, who started out volunteering for United Way when he was a child, but through the years has become one of our most dedicated and generous supporters.  You’ll also read about community conversations we’ve started, such as our work with Plainfield community leaders in addressing barriers affecting its residents and finding solutions for a healthier and sustainable community; and most recently, bringing folks together from many different regions in the state in order to tackle issues affecting people living with HIV/AIDS.  Through your commitment as a donor, a partner, a volunteer, an advocate- you’ve helped to create endless, unyielding possibilities for our community to grow.

Like so many nonprofit organizations, we continue to face difficulties sustaining in these ever-changing times and support from the community is vital to our success.  In the coming year, we are strategically looking at our mission and will begin to refocus our efforts so that we remain viable. 

Although we’ve made significant progress, there’s still so much to do as we get closer to the kind of community we can all be proud to live and work.  Your community.  We need you to be the voice for all those that don’t have a voice.  We hope our report will reaffirm your commitment to our efforts or; if you’re new to our work, compel you to get involved.    We ask that you continue Standing United with us as we create new possibilities for those in need- now and for years to come.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to another successful year as we continue building Stronger Families and Stronger Communities.

Yours Truly,

Alison Yablonowitz, Chairperson, Board of Trustees

James W. Horne, Jr., President and CEO



2016 -  2017 Fiscal Year Highlights



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