Ways To Give

When you give to United Way, your contribution helps foster both individual and collective success. Learn how you can help us strengthen your community.

Many local businesses and corporations in Union County conduct internal United Way campaigns, giving their employees an opportunity to donate, volunteer and become advocates for causes that matter to them.

Workplace campaigns are about more than raising money for worthy causes, however. They also strengthen connections between companies and the community. Interacting with United Way-funded agencies through tours and volunteerism provides employees with a first-hand look at where their dollars go, developing in them a deeper understanding of the impact their donations have on the community.

Employees have the option to make a one-time donation or a pledge in which the gift is paid through a payroll deduction. Other giving options include but are not limited to: cash, check and credit card.

In addition to the many tools available online, your best resource is your United Way staff person whose job it is to assist you throughout your campaign, providing advice and helpful tips, and localized materials which will educate your fellow employees on how United Way can make an impact in our community through their donations.

A quality education, access to healthcare and medical equipment, financial independence, housing and food are not luxuries, they are why our community relies on the generous donors who support United Way. Your dollars are invested in 45 sustainable, local programs that are vetted and monitored to ensure they are meeting their outcomes, truly making a difference.

Supporting the community through United Way is the easy way to make the biggest possible impact. UWGUC funds 45 local programs that provide lasting solutions and measurable results. From supporting literacy and scholastic achievement to fostering financial independence, promoting healthy lifestyles and alleviating hunger, a United Way donation maximizes your dollar and ensures that you are strengthening Union County and helping to create change that will last for generations.

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